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K&L MC615R

MC615R Motorcycle Air Lift

K&L MC615R Motorcycle Air Lift Tables

K&L has brought a new level of quality to the market with the MC615R. This lift is proof that K&L Quality can be enjoyed by every shop. The MC615R has a rated working capacity of 1000 lbs, making it perfect for Sportbikes and standards especially when used with our Lifting Arm Kits. Optional side panels increase the working deck width to 48".
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$1,159 + freight
Ships From: California

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ModelTravelCapacityHeightPlatform SizeDrop
MC615R27.25"1,000 lbs7.25"35"24" x 84"48" x 84"Rear365 lbs$1,159Quote
CE Logo MC615R Locking System MC615R CE Foot Controls
CE Certified 5-Position Safety Locking System CE Certified Dual-Pedal Foot Controls
MC500R Rear Drop Panel MC615R Loading Ramp
Rear Drop Panel 15" x 31" Loading Ramp Included

Please Note: Only common options are listed in the quote requests. If you would like additional options from the below list quoted, please include that information in the requirements section of the quote request.

35-0306Extended Ramp. For bikes with low ground clearance. 15" W x 45.375" L. Diamond plate.
35-0318Lift Extension Kit. Adds 30" to your lift.
35-0321Retractable Wheels.
35-0328Mounting Rails for Lift Extension.
35-4040MC10R Deluxe Wheel Clamp. Universal self locking clamp allows one person to load bikes on K&L lifts or any other flat deck lift. (drilling req.) Includes std. width rocker. (Fits 120 to 160 series tires)
35-4041Optional narrow rocker for MC10R Deluxe Wheel Clamp. Fits narrow wheels. (90 to 110 series tires)
35-6295Side Panel Set. Increases width from 24" to 48". Includes panels (qt 4) and ramps (qt 2)
37-6470Tool Holder (2pc set)
35-6567K&L Wheel Stop for MC Series lifts
35-9926Crank Style Vise
35-6370CE Approved Pedal assembly. Covered dual pedals reduce chances of accidential actuation. Also stops up / down travel of lift when operator releases either pedal.
37-0347Crank Style Wheel Vise / Wheel Protectors
37-9912Wheel Vise Bushing for 35-9926 Vise. Sold each.
37-8787K&L MC465 UTV Jack
37-9841K&L MC450 Center Jack
37-8660K&L MC455 Fat Jack
37-9743K&L MC440 Mini Jack
35-9256K&L Lifting Arm / Base Set
35-0181Work Stand Accessory Bracket.
35-8166"Fixed" Gas / Fan Caddy (Fits into 35-0181 Lift Bracket)
MC500R Side Extensions
Side Extensions
MC500R Wheel Clamp
Deluxe Wheel Clamp
MC615R Lift Bracket MC615R Tool Tray MC615R Nose Wheel MC615R Wheel Stop
Lift BracketTool TrayNose WheelWheel Stop
Center Jack Fat Jack Mini Jack
    MC450 Center Jack
  • 16"L x 5.5"W
  • Minimum Height: 3.5"
  • Maximum Height: 13"
  • Base Width: 14"
  • Max Weight: 1,100 lbs
    MC455 Fat Jack
  • 16"L x 10"W
  • Minimum Height: 3.5"
  • Maximum Height: 13"
  • Base Width: 14"
  • Max Weight: 1,100 lbs
    MC440 Mini Jack
  • 10.25"L x 5.25"W
  • Minimum Height: 3.375"
  • Maximum Height: 9"
  • Max Weight: 1,000 lbs

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