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BX Lift Carts

BX MobiLift Cart

Bishamon BX MobiLift Tables

Bishamon MobiLift scissor lift tables are rugged industrial lift tables with push-bars and casters. BX Series lift tables provide improved ergonomics by placing the load at a convenient work height while providing the mobility to locate the lift where it is needed.

MobiLift tables are available in various capacities and travels to satisfy a wide variety of applications. The manual footpump models have an integrated hydraulic pump/cylinder assembly.

The MobiLift scissor lift tables add the value of mobility to the hydraulic lift table concept. Exceptional functionality and maneuverability is apparent, whether loaded or empty. In addition, rugged construction and premium-quality hydraulics complement their ease of use with low maintenance.
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# of Pumps
To Max Height
BX-1520.4"330 lbs8.4"28.8"17.7" x 27.6"17.7" x 33.6" x 31.3"1575 lbsQuote
BX-2522.7"660 lbs11.3"34.1"19.7" x 32.0"19.7" x 39.7" x 35.3"25200 lbsQuote
BX-5022.1"1100 lbs17.2"39.3"20.4" x 39.8"20.5" x 46.9" x 37.8"50300 lbsQuote
BX-7522.1"1760 lbs17.2"39.3"20.4" x 39.8"20.5" x 49.5" x 37.8"67300 lbsQuote
Double Scissor Models
BX-30S45.1"660 lbs17.0"62.1"20.4" x 39.8"20.5" x 49.5" x 37.8"64340 lbsQuote
BX-50S23.0"1100 lbs16.5"39.5"18.1" x 25.6"18.1" x 37.2" x 37.0"66275 lbsQuote
BX-50W45.1"1100 lbs17.0"62.1"20.4" x 39.8"20.5" x 49.5" x 37.8"90380 lbsQuote
Stainless Steel Models
BXS-1020.4"220 lbs8.4"28.8"17.7" x 27.6"17.7" x 33.6" x 31.3"1575 lbsQuote
BXS-2022.7"440 lbs11.3"34.1"19.7" x 32.0"19.7" x 39.7" x 35.3"25200 lbsQuote
Bishamon BX Lever Convenient Hand-Lever
Lowering Control
  • Heavy-duty construction with captured scissor rollers for maximum stability
  • High quality casters and wheels for exceptional rollability
  • Foot actuated caster brake
  • Heavy duty maintenance scissor lock pin
  • Durable powder coated finish
Bishamon BX Wheel Dual-Action Caster Brake Locks
Wheel and Swivel
  • Superior hydraulic systems feature an integrated pump-cylinder for maximum reliability
  • Ergonomic push handle with convenient lowering control
  • Lowering control automatically stops when released for added safety
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