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ABLT-H-LP Low Profile

Vestil ABLT-H-LP

Vestil ABLT-H-LP Low Profile Air Bag Lift Tables

With the lowest collapsed height air lift table on the market, you can achieve a 4" lowered height. This low height allows for more material to be placed on the lift and still be in reach of the operator. These units have Pressure relief valves to prevent over inflation of the air bag, as well as a captured scissor track to provide stability and safety while raising and lowering. Air requirements are 60-120 psi, with a minimum .5" pipe or rubber hose.

Please Note: The ABLT-H-LP series of lift tables has been DISCONTINUED and is for referance and parts only. Please contact us for possible alternatives.
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ABLT-H-LP-1-2925"1,000 lbs4"29"36" x 47"550 lbs
ABLT-H-LP-2-2925"2,000 lbs4"29"36" x 47"560 lbs
ABLT-H-LP-3-2925"3,000 lbs4"29"36" x 47"570 lbs
ABLT-H-LP-4-2925"4,000 lbs4"29"36" x 47"580 lbs
ABLT-H-LP-6-2319"6,000 lbs4"23"36" x 47"590 lbs
  • Up/Down Foot Controller
  • Accordian Safety Skirting
  • Larger Platform Sizes
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