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Lange L-EP

Lange Electric Post Lift

Lange Lift Electric Post Lift Tables

The Lange Lift Electric Powered line of lifts features standard capacities from 1,000 - 5,000 pounds per lift, a 1/4" thick Formed & Welded Flat Steel Deck, 360 Degree Continuous Rotation with Locking Handle at any height or position, 45" Raised Height, 27" Lowered Height, 18" of Vertical Travel, On Board 120V VAC Electric over Hydraulic Motor for Vertical Travel, Base Mounted Foot Pedal Controls, (2) 5" Diameter Cast Iron Rigid Casters, (2) 5" Diameter Cast Iron Swivel Casters, and (1) Industrial Floor Lock.
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L-124-EP18"1,000 lbs27"45"24" x 24"PDFQuote
L-130-EP18"1,000 lbs27"45"30" x 30"PDFQuote
L-136-EP18"1,000 lbs27"45"36" x 36"PDFQuote
L-148-EP18"1,000 lbs27"45"48" x 48"PDFQuote
L-224-EP18"2,000 lbs27"45"24" x 24"PDFQuote
L-230-EP18"2,000 lbs27"45"30" x 30"PDFQuote
L-236-EP18"2,000 lbs27"45"36" x 36"PDFQuote
L-248-EP18"2,000 lbs27"45"48" x 48"PDFQuote
L-324-EP18"3,000 lbs27"45"24" x 24"PDFQuote
L-330-EP18"3,000 lbs27"45"30" x 30"PDFQuote
L-336-EP18"3,000 lbs27"45"36" x 36"PDFQuote
L-348-EP18"3,000 lbs27"45"48" x 48"PDFQuote
L-424-EP18"4,000 lbs27"45"24" x 24"PDFQuote
L-430-EP18"4,000 lbs27"45"30" x 30"PDFQuote
L-436-EP18"4,000 lbs27"45"36" x 36"PDFQuote
L-448-EP18"4,000 lbs27"45"48" x 48"PDFQuote
L-524-EP18"5,000 lbs27"45"24" x 24"PDFQuote
L-530-EP18"5,000 lbs27"45"30" x 30"PDFQuote
L-536-EP18"5,000 lbs27"45"36" x 36"PDFQuote
L-548-EP18"5,000 lbs27"45"48" x 48"PDFQuote
  • Reinforced Formed Steel Deck
  • 360 Degree Continuous Rotation with Lock Handle
  • 120 VAC, Single Phase Electric Motor
    over Hydraulic, Base Mounted
  • (2) 5" Diameter Cast Iron Rigid Casters
  • (2) 5" Diameter Cast Iron Swivel Casters
  • Industrial Floor Lock
  • Foot Pedals, Up & Down, Base Mounted
  • Machine Green Paint
  • Custom Colors Available.
  • Lange 24 Electric Post Lift Lange 30 Electric Post Lift Lange 36 Electric Post Lift Lange 48 Electric Post Lift
    24" x 24" 30" x 30" 36" x 36" 48" x 48"
    Lange Lifts can be specialized to fit your specific application. Whether it's Higher Capacities, Handheld Pendant Control, Manual or Powered Tilting Deck, Rubber or UHMW Covered Deck, Ball Transfer or Roller Conveyor Top, Poly Coated Casters, Larger Diameter Casters, Special Tooling or Tooling Slots, we will work closely with you to design a product to meet your needs.
      Partial Options List:
    • Ball Transfer Deck
    • Roller Conveyor Deck
    • Round Decks
    • Tilting Decks, Manual & Powered
    • Powered Rotation
    • UHMW or Rubber Deck Covers
    • Tooling Slots & Mounting Holes
    • Poly on Iron Casters
    • Dual Floor Lock
    1000 lb tilt rotate post lift Powered Tilt Rotate Post Lift Floor Mounted Post Lift
    1000 lb tilting post lift 90 Degree Tilt Post Lift Custom Fixture Post Lift
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