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Bishamon realizes that servicing their customer's needs is paramount. Bishamon's vision statement says it all. "At Bishamon, We're Working Harder to Make Your Life Easier"

This statement serves as an inspiration to all of Bishamon's employees. It illustrates Bishamon's commitment to being a customer driven company. Bishamon believes that their people make the difference and their dedication and commitment to their customers will build an unbeatable team to carry them into the next millennium.

Many Bishamon lift tables are available to be shipped within 48 hours of ordering.
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Bishamon Optimus LK Bishamon Optimus LK
Lift Table Type:Hydraulic : Medium Duty
Capacity:2,000 - 5,000 lbs.
Vertical Travel:30" - 39.25"
Lowered Height:8.5" - 11.75"
Raised Height:38.5" - 48"
Min Platform Size:28" x 48"
Max Platform Size:48" x 72"
Bishamon BX Lift Carts Bishamon BX
Lift Table Type:Mobile : Manual
Capacity:220 - 1,760 lbs.
Vertical Travel:20.4" - 45.1"
Lowered Height:8.4" - 17.2"
Raised Height:28.8" - 62.1"
Min Platform Size:17.7" x 27.6"
Max Platform Size:20.4" - 39.8"
Bishamon LX Low Profile Scissors Lifts Bishamon LX
Lift Table Type:Low Profile : Hydraulic
Capacity:550 - 4,400 lbs.
Vertical Travel:18" - 35.1"
Lowered Height:2.9" - 4.3"
Raised Height:20.9" - 39.4"
Min Platform Size:23.5" x 32.5"
Max Platform Size:45.5" x 81"
Bishamon BXB Electric Mobile Lifts Bishamon BXB
Lift Table Type:Mobile : Electric Lift
Capacity:330 - 1,760 lbs.
Vertical Travel:21.2" - 46.3"
Lowered Height:11.5" - 17.5"
Raised Height:35" - 63.8"
Min Platform Size:19.7" x 32.1"
Max Platform Size:20.5" x 39.8"
Bishamon EZ-Off Rotating Lift Tables Bishamon EZ-Off
Lift Table Type:Low Profile : Rotating
Capacity:2,500 lbs.
Vertical Travel:28.25"
Lowered Height:1.75"
Raised Height:30"
Platform Size:40.5" Diameter
Bishamon EZ Loader Work Positioners Bishamon EZ Loader
Lift Table Type:Pneumatic : Auto-Leveling
Capacity:250 - 4,000 lbs.
Vertical Travel:20"
Lowered Height:10.5"
Raised Height:30.5"
Platform Size:43" Diameter
Bishamon EZ-Up Lift Tables Bishamon EZ-Up
Lift Table Type:Pneumatic : Standard
Capacity:1,500 lbs.
Vertical Travel:21.25"
Lowered Height:8.75" - 8.88"
Raised Height:30" - 30.13"
Min Platform Size:43" Diameter
Max Platform Size:30" x 51"
Bishamon ESX Auto-Leveling Cart Bishamon ESX
Lift Table Type:Mobile : Auto-Leveling
Capacity:200 - 880 lbs.
Vertical Travel:15.8" - 16.6"
Lowered Height:10.4" - 14.5"
Raised Height:26.2" - 31.1"
Min Platform Size:17.8" x 27.6"
Max Platform Size:20.5" x 39.8"
Bishamon Vision Hydraulic Lifts Bishamon Vision
Lift Table Type:Hydraulic : Medium Duty
Capacity:2,500 - 6,500 lbs.
Vertical Travel:36" - 48"
Lowered Height:7.5" - 7.75"
Raised Height:43.5" - 55.5"
Min Platform Size:24" x 48"
Max Platform Size:48" x 96"
Bishamon Lift2K Lift Tables Bishamon Lift2K & Lift2.5K
Lift Table Type:Hydraulic : Light Duty
Capacity:2,000 - 2,500 lbs.
Vertical Travel:30.5"
Lowered Height:8.75"
Raised Height:39.25"
Min Platform Size:28" x 48"
Max Platform Size:36" x 48"
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