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Bishamon EZ-UP

Bishamon EZ-Up

EZ Up Air Lift Table

The Bishamon EZ-UP is the ideal lifting and work positioning solution whenever operator control is required and shop air is convenient. Incorporating many of the same advanced ergonomic features as the popular EZ Loader (captive air pallet positioners), the EZ-UP utilizes constant shop air, allowing the operator to conveniently position the load for loading or unloading.

The integral rotator ring eliminates the need to reach, stretch or walk around the pallet, making the EZ-UP an unsurpassed ergonomic tool that will help increase productivity at your facility. Pneumatic lifts contain no electrical or hydraulic components. They require little maintenance and provide the ideal tool where cleanliness is a must and where sparks can be hazardous.
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@ 80psi*
HeightPlatform SizeShip**
EZU-1521.25"1,500 lbs8.75"30"30" x 51"48" x 64"450 lbsQuote
EZU-15-R21.25"1,500 lbs8.88"30.13"43" Diameter48" x 48"490 lbsQuote

*Capacity increases to 2,000 lb.@ 90 p.s.i. Note: Not recommended for applications requiring exact positioning of work loads.
**Ship Weight is based upon standard platform size.

  • Firestone Airstroke Actuator raises and lowers the table platform to vertically position the load to the desired height
  • Durable and attractive polyester powder coating adds life and superior corrosion resistance to the finish
  • Heavy-duty structural steel construction with rugged base frame
  • Dual attached maintenance blocks
  • High quality brass hand lever controls allows easy operation
  • Entrapped rollers on base and platform for added stability
  • Rotating models feature a secured center pivot with ball bearing that provides smooth, even rotation
  • Clean design with minimum of maintenance needed
  • Fork truck transportable without the need for additional options
  • Rotator Ring Brake
  • Accordion Bellows Skirting
  • Stainless Steel Model
  • Semi-Live Portability
  • Hand Control Valve Stand
  • Oversize Platform (Non-Rotating) up to 48" x 64" For Surface Mounting Only
  • Rotating Platform - Solid Rectangular (44x44/44x46/44x48/46x46/46x48/48x48)
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