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Mobile Lift Carts

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Many applications use vertically stationary carts. This often results in operators lifting up to or down to the height of the rigid cart

Mobile Lift Tables allow the operator to set the height which is best suited for the individual needs.

Whether it's lifting or sliding product on or off shelves, workbenches or conveyors, having the top of the mobile lift table at the ideal height increases productivity and reduces injuries.
Popular Product Lines
Lift Products MML
Lift products MML Type:Mobile : Manual
Capacity:330 - 2,200 lbs
Travel:20" - 45"
Down Height:10" - 17"
Up Height:30" - 62"
Min Platform:17.75" x 27.5"
Max Platform:20.5" x 49.75"
Southworth PLM
Southworth Powered Dandy Lift Type:Cart : Electric Lift
Capacity:220 - 500 lbs
Travel:18.25" - 38"
Down Height:13" - 14.75"
Up Height:33.25" - 51"
Min Platform:20" x 31.5"
Max Platform:24" x 36"
Lift Products MCJR-ELT
Lift Products MCJR-ELT Type:Mobile : Electric
Capacity:1,000 lbs
Down Height:18.5"
Up Height:64"
Platform:23" x 43"
Drive Speed:2.8 MPH
Bishamon ESX
Bishamon ESX Type:Mobile : Auto-Level
Capacity:200 - 880 lbs
Travel:15.8" - 16.6"
Down Height:10.4" - 14.5"
Up Height:26.2" - 31.1"
Min Platform:17.8" x 27.6"
Max Platform:20.5" x 39.8"
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