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Lift2K & Lift25K

Bishamon Lift2K

Bishamon Lift2K & Lift25K Stationary Lift Tables

The Bishamon Lift2K & Lift25K Scissor Lift Tables are the best value 2000 & 2500 lbs. capacity lifts on the market today. They are designed to increase productivity and reduce worker strain in today's harsh industrial environments. By lifting and accurately positioning the load, the Lift2K and Lift25K lift tables eliminate unproductive lifting and stretching that ultimately leads to worker fatigue injuries and possible product damage. No matter how you compare it, the Bishamon Lift2K and Lift25K lift more for less.

Please Note: The Lift2K & Lift2.5K Series has been DISCONTINUED and is for referance and parts only. It has been replaced by Bishamon's Optimus Series.
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Lift2K Literature
Product Literature (PDF)
L2K-284830.5"2000 lbs8.75"39.25"28" X 48"27.5" x 48"22 sec29 sec
L2K-364830.5"2000 lbs8.75"39.25"36" X 48"27.5" x 48"22 sec29 sec
L25K-284830.5"2500 lbs8.75"39.25"28" X 48"27.5" x 48"22 sec29 sec
L25K-364830.5"2500 lbs8.75"39.25"36" X 48"27.5" x 48"22 sec29 sec
Bishamon Lift2K Cylinder Bishamon Lift2K Motor Standard Features Include:
  • Unparalleled price for a 2,000 or 2,500 lb. capacity lift
  • Meets or exceeds all ANSI requirements for lift tables
  • Cylinder flow limiting valve protects the operator in the event of a hydraulic line failure
  • Heavy-duty hand control rated for 115V operation
  • Heavy-duty unitized power unit operates on a standard household 115 volt outlet
  • 3" bore cylinder provides low pressure operation
  • See through reservoir for easy fluid level identification
  • Hinged maintenance catches powder coated safety yellow
  • Entrapped scissor rollers for increased stability
  • Durable powder coat finish
Single acting cylinder with flow limiting
valve provides safe, low pressure operation
Unitized pump, motor and reservoir
combination for dependable operation
Bishamon Lift2K Hinge Bishamon Lift2K Roller
Hinged maintenance bars for
convenience & added safety
Entrapped rollers for greatly
increased safety & stability
  • Bellows guard
  • Foot control
  • Oversize rotating platform
  • Semi-live portability
  • Integral turntable top
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