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Hamaco MLM

MLM Mechanical Lift

MLM Mini Mechanical Lift

  • SPM motor (Surface Permanent Magnet)
  • Vector control
  • Dry cylinder
  • 110 V single phase power supply
  • Built-in power unit
  • Max starting frequency 10 times per minute
  • Max usage frequency 30 times per hour
  • Max/min limit switch
  • Foot switch with LED cord: 78.7"
  • 118.1" Power cord
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MLM-100-46V-1216.8"220 lbs5.2"22"15.7" x 25.6"10 sec71 lbsQuote
MLM-100-56V-1216.8"220 lbs5.2"22"19.7" x 25.6"10 sec75 lbsQuote
MLM-100-58V-1216.8"220 lbs5.2"22"20.5" x 33.5"10 sec88 lbsQuote
MLM-250-47V-1219.5"550 lbs6"25.5"15.7" x 28.3"22 sec99 lbsQuote
MLM-250-58V-1219.5"550 lbs6"25.5"20.5" x 33.5"22 sec110 lbsQuote
MLM-100-46WV-1233.4"220 lbs7.9"41.3"15.7" x 25.6"23 sec93 lbsQuote
MLM-100-56WV-1233.4"220 lbs7.9"41.3"19.7" x 25.6"23 sec97 lbsQuote
MLM-100-58WV-1233.4"220 lbs7.9"41.3"20.5" x 33.5"23 sec110 lbsQuote
Hamaco lifts utilize a ball screw driving system, making them exceptionally compact and easily able to adapt to any work environment. This dry cylinder method, rather than hydraulics, virtually eliminates leaks and enhances performance. Additionally, they feature brushless motors for much greater longevity and simple maintenance.
Parts of Ball Screw Ball Screw Control Board Foot Controls
Parts of ball-screw Ball-screw Microcomputer control Foot switch (with LED)
  • Lower Cost - Costs less to purchase and maintain than hydraulic models.
  • No Leaking - Using a dry clyinder, there's no oil leakage and the work environment stays clean.
  • Longer Life - With a brushless motor design, it is not prone to typical wear and tear and will last significantly longer
  • Precision Positioning - The ball-screw design makes it possible to perfectly position the lifts to your exact needs as well as to keep levels steady when loading or unloading the tables.
  • No Hydraulic Lift - Table height stays steady and consistent even when leaving it fully loaded for long periods of time.
  • Quiet - Hamaco motors are quiet during operation, eliminating additional workplace noise.
  • LED Alarm - A LED alarm on the foot switch alerts you to operational troubles.
  • Easy Maintenance - Because of the simplified, clean design, such as long-life brushless motors and leak-free operation, maintenance is minimal and easy.
  • Built-In Power Unit - Lifters use a built-in power unit enabling you to use them anywhere.
  • High Quality Foot Switch - Made of durable, rigid plastic, the foot switch is two-toned (UP: black and DOWN: red) to make it easy to use even in low light. Switch is water resistant.
  • Consistent Speed Control - By controlling the amount of current through the motor, we are able to accurately control the rotation speed.
  • Ultra-Efficient - Because of the significant efficiency advantages over hydraulic, the lifters are able to use smaller output motors to handle large loads.
  • Bellows Skirting (On select models)
  • Three Button Hand Controls (Up / Down / Stop)
  • Two Button Hand Controls (Up / Down)
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