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L Series Cam Lifts

Southworth Cam Lift

Southworth L Series Heavy Duty Cam Lift Tables

Southworth's L Series Cam Lifts feature an exclusive CAM design which provides maximum capacities (up to 30,000 lbs.) with minimum height clearances.
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ModelTravelCapacityHeightPlatform SizeUp
L8-3636"8,000 lbs7.625"43.625"30" x 60"48" x 78"21 sec3.2 HP460/3/601,360 lbsQuote
L10-3636"10,000 lbs9"45"30" x 60"54" x 78"31 sec3.2 HP460/3/601,800 lbsQuote
L15-3636"15,000 lbs9.5"45.5"36" x 72"60" x 90"50 sec3.2 HP460/3/602,900 lbsQuote
L20-3636"20,000 lbs10.125"46.125"36" x 72"60" x 90"50 sec3.2 HP460/3/603,300 lbsQuote
L30-3636"30,000 lbs11.25"47.25"43" x 72"72" x 96"56 sec3.2 HP460/3/604,400 lbsQuote
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Capacity:8K - 12K lbs
Travel:36" - 60"
Down Height:9.12" - 10"
Up Height:45" - 70"
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Max Platform:48" x 102"
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Southworth DL Type:High Capacity
Capacity:10K - 25K lbs
Travel:36" - 72"
Down Height:13.25" - 26"
Up Height:52" - 94"
Min Platform:47" x 76"
Max Platform:108" x 180"
ECOA MLT Type:High Capacity
Capacity:15K - 30K lbs
Travel:30" - 72"
Down Height:16" - 20"
Up Height:46" - 92"
Min Platform:48" x 60"
Max Platform:72" x 132"
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