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Guardian Low Profile

Guardian Low Profile

Lift Products LPBL Guardian Low Profile Lift Tables

In addition to offering all the safety features of the Guardian Series, the Low Profile and U-Lift models have a lowered height of only 3.25".

The low profile feature provides greater flexibility since a variety of applications can be accommodated. Also, installation costs are reduced since the need for a floor pit is eliminated.
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LPBL-10-130.75"1,100 lbs3.25"34"31.5" x 55"29" x 52.75"10 sec1 HPQuote
LPBL-10-230.75"1,100 lbs3.25"34"39.5" x 55"29" x 52.75"10 sec1 HPQuote
LPBL-20-130.75"2,200 lbs3.25"34"31.5" x 55"29" x 52.75"18 sec1 HPQuote
LPBL-20-230.75"2,200 lbs3.25"34"39.5" x 55"29" x 52.75"18 sec1 HPQuote
LPBL-30-129.5"3,300 lbs3.625"33.125"31.5" x 61"29" x 52.75"25 sec1 HPQuote
LPBL-30-229.5"3,300 lbs3.625"33.125"39.5" x 61"29" x 52.75"25 sec1 HPQuote
Guardian Power Supply The floor mount power unit has the pump motor and tank on the plate frame. This is ideal for placing the power unit under a conveyor or work bench or when locations are required. Features 8' hoses, power cord and control cord. Three-button control box has 115 voltage single phase standard on 1,100 lb. and 2,200 lb. capacity units. 230/460 voltage three phase on 3,300 lb. units. Guardian Hand Control

Standard Features Include:
  • Extremely low collapsed heights of 2.9" to 4.3" provides access for rolling products, carts or pallet trucks
  • Single acting cylinders with drainage system and check valve to stop the lift from lowering in case of hose burst
  • Safety clearance between scissors to prevent trapping during operations
  • Removable lifting eye(s) to facilitate handling and installation of the lift table Bearings
  • Extremely low collapsed heights of 2.9" to 4.3" provides access for rolling products, carts or pallet trucks
  • Upper platform fitted with safety perimeter which prevents descent on contact with obstructions
  • External power unit equipped with a relief valve against overloading and a compensated flow valve for controlling lowering speed. Supplied with 8 ft. long hoses
  • 115 voltage single phase standard on 1,100 lb and 2,200 lb capacity units
  • 230/460 volt 3 phase standard on 3,300 lb units
  • Mechanical blocks for safe maintenance operations
  • Low tension (24v) control box with up-down buttons
  • Self-lubricating bushings on pivot points
  • Upper limit switch
  • 1 HP Motor
Guardian Loading Ramp Guardian Loading Ramp with Pallet Truck

Shown with optional loading ramp.

Other options include:

  • Pedestal Stand For Controls
  • Foot Control Switch
  • 230/430 3 phase voltage for 1,100 lbs and 2,200 lbs models
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