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Presto Lifts P3

Presto P3

P3 Pallet Positioner Load Leveler / Rotator

Load and unload pallets without stooping, stretching or walking. The P3- Presto Pallet Positioner automatically maintains pallets at a constant level and comfortable working height as layers of boxes are added or removed.

Leveling is accomplished by a heavy-duty, reinforced rubber airbag that once charged with shop air can handle loads up to 4,500 lbs. After airbag charging is complete the P3 can be disconnected and moved to any location in the plant. Because the P3 is pneumatic it can accommodate loads that vary substantially in weight (from 400 - 4,500) so one unit is versatile enough to work in several areas.
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ModelTravelCapacityHeightPlatform SizeBase SizeWeightQuote
P321"400 lbs4,500 lbs9.5"30.5"43.625" Diameter36" x 48"615 lbsQuote
  • Anti-friction bearings for easy turning allowing users to spin loads so they are always loading and unloading from the nearside without having to walk around the unit.
  • Turntable top with full 360° rotation
  • Heavy-duty, reinforced rubber airbag
  • Plastic Cover: Keeps debris from falling through turntable
  • Bellows Guard: Prevents debris from collecting under unit
  • Solid Turntable Top: Accommodates small or odd size pallets
  • Rotator Ring Disc Cover
  • Ring Lock
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