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ECOA DSL Series Double Scissors Hydraulic Lift Tables

ECOA DSL Series Lift Tables are high travel double electro-hydraulic scissor lifts with capacities of 2,000 to 6,000 lbs., travel distances of 60 to 144 in. with platform sizes of 30 x 48 to 72 x 132 in.

All ECOA Lift Tables are designed and constructed for heavyduty applications under the toughest working conditions, offering years of trouble-free operation.
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ModelTravelCapacityHeightPlatform SizeBase
Edge Loads*Lift
DSL-20-06060"2,000 lbs10.25"70"30" x 48"48" x 72"30" x 48"1,000 lbs670 lbs16 sec11.5 HP1,500 lbsQuote
DSL-40-06060"4,000 lbs11.75"72"30" x 48"48" x 72"30" x 48"2,000 lbs1,340 lbs21 sec11.5 HP1,800 lbsQuote
DSL-60-06060"6,000 lbs13.25"73"30" x 48"48" x 72"30" x 48"3,000 lbs2,000 lbs16 sec21.5 HP1,900 lbsQuote
DSL-20-07272"2,000 lbs10.25"82"30" x 60"48" x 84"30" x 60"1,000 lbs670 lbs21 sec11.5 HP1,600 lbsQuote
DSL-40-07272"4,000 lbs11.75"84"30" x 60"48" x 84"30" x 60"2,000 lbs1,340 lbs28 sec11.5 HP1,875 lbsQuote
DSL-60-07272"6,000 lbs13.25"85"30" x 60"48" x 84"30" x 60"3,000 lbs2,000 lbs42 sec21.5 HP2,000 lbsQuote
DSL-20-09090"2,000 lbs14"104"48" x 72"60" x 96"48" x 72"1,000 lbs670 lbs35 sec21.5 HP1,900 lbsQuote
DSL-40-09090"4,000 lbs14"104"48" x 72"60" x 96"48" x 72"2,000 lbs1,340 lbs28 sec24.8 HP2,050 lbsQuote
DSL-60-09090"6,000 lbs16"106"48" x 72"60" x 96"48" x 72"3,000 lbs2,000 lbs40 sec24.8 HP1,900 lbsQuote
DSL-20-108108"2,000 lbs14"122"54" x 84"72" x 108"54" x 84"1,000 lbs670 lbs30 sec24.8 HP2,700 lbsQuote
DSL-40-108108"4,000 lbs14"122"54" x 84"72" x 108"54" x 84"2,000 lbs1,340 lbs40 sec24.8 HP3,100 lbsQuote
DSL-60-108108"6,000 lbs16"124"54" x 84"72" x 108"54" x 84"3,000 lbs2,000 lbs60 sec24.8 HP3,700 lbsQuote
DSL-20-120120"2,000 lbs14"134"54" x 96"72" x 120"54" x 96"1,000 lbs670 lbs30 sec24.8 HP3,400 lbsQuote
DSL-40-120120"4,000 lbs14"134"54" x 96"72" x 120"54" x 96"2,000 lbs1,340 lbs40 sec24.8 HP3,800 lbsQuote
DSL-60-120120"6,000 lbs16"136"54" x 96"72" x 120"54" x 96"3,000 lbs2,000 lbs60 sec24.8 HP4,200 lbsQuote
DSL-20-144144"2,000 lbs16"160"54" x 108"72" x 132"54" x 108"1,000 lbs670 lbs35 sec24.8 HP3,600 lbsQuote
DSL-40-144144"4,000 lbs16"160"54" x 108"72" x 132"54" x 108"2,000 lbs1,340 lbs40 sec24.8 HP4,000 lbsQuote
DSL-60-144144"6,000 lbs18"162"54" x 108"72" x 132"54" x 108"3,000 lbs2,000 lbs60 sec24.8 HP4,500 lbsQuote

*Note: Standard platforms only.

Oversized platforms, beveled toeguards, roller shades, accordion skirting and electrical tape switches will affect overall size. Power requirements depend upon frequency and type of operation and require specific selection. Standard power supply for .75 and 1.5HP power Unit is 230V/1PH/60hz. Optional power supply for .75 and 1.15HP Power Unit is 208/230/460/3PH/60Hz . Standard power supply for 4.8HP power units is 230/460/3PH/60Hz. Optional power supply for 4.8HP power unit is 230V/1PH/60Hz (increases upspeed by 33%).

Note: Where available power supply is 208V/3PH, booster transformers are required for 240V/3PH at motor, see options. Conforms to or exceeds ANSI standard MH29.1-1994.

  • Straight toeguards with yellow and black safety stripes
  • Internally-mounted 1.5HP, 230V, 1PH, 60Hz TENV intermittent duty super torque motor or externally-mounted 4.8HP, 230/460V, 3PH, 60Hz continuous duty motor
  • On 4.8HP units, manifold with check valve, relief valve, pressure-compensated flow control valve, solenoid valve, suction and return filters. On 1.5HP power units, valves are internally mounted on gear pump
  • NEMA-4X constant-pressure (water-tight, dust-tight and corrosion-resistant) "UP-DOWN" pushbutton control station with 20 ft. coil cord
  • NEMA-12 prewired controls (dust/drip-tight industrial type) with liquid-tight electrical connectors. Control box contains magnetic starter, control transformer, thermal overload and fuses
  • All controller components are UL and/or CSA approved
  • High-pressure gear pump
  • 24V operating control voltage
  • Hydraulic flow limiter valve at the base of each cylinder
  • Optional upper travel limit switch
  • Hard, chrome-plated, polished shafting, hydraulic cylinder piston rods and axles
  • Lifetime self-lubricating, PTFE lined, composite bearings at all pivot points
  • Mechanical upper travel stops
  • Smooth steel tops

Please Note: Only common options are listed in the quote requests. If you would like additional options from the below list quoted, please include that information in the requirements section of the quote request.

Electrical Options:
  • Up-Down Push Button Station
  • Push Button mounted on platform with Disconnect Plug
  • Key Operated Up-Down Selector
  • Up-Down Push Button with Key Lockout
  • Foot Operated Control
  • Limit Switch
  • Booster Transformers (2 required for 3PH Power Supply)
  • Flashing Red Light
  • Two Second Up-down Warning Bell with Volume Control
  • Electric Toeguards, Tapeswitch
  • Momentary contact controls for automatic up and down operation with upper and lower limit switches and Up-Down-Stop Push Button Control Station
  • Photo Electric Cell Leveling (Unstacking/Stacking-Specify, 1 Direction Only)
  • Whisker Switch Leveling (Unstacking/Stacking-Specify, 1 Direction Only)
Hydraulic Options:
  • Manual Down Valve
  • Adjustable Flow Control Down Valve
  • Larger Power Unit for faster lift speeds
  • Remote Power Units with 5'0" hydraulic hose
  • Three Phase Power Unit (.75HP or 1.5HP) and Linestarter, Transformer
  • Air Operated Power Unit Complete 95 psi @ 60 cfm (1 HP)
  • External, Heavy-Duty, Continuous Running Motor Power Unit with Integral Directional Valving & Large Capacity Reservoir
  • Explosion Proof Power Unit-External
  • Quick Disconnect Couplings
Mechanical Options:
  • Steel Approach Ramp
  • Steel 42" high Handrail with Midrail/Toeboard
  • Roll-Up Skirting
  • Accordion Bellows Skirts
  • Straight Toeguards for surface mounting
  • Beveled Toeguards for pit mounting
  • Safety Treadplate
  • USDA accepted epoxy coatings for Lift Platform
  • Stainless Steel Platform Overlay
  • Ball Transfer Top
  • Conveyor Tops
  • Integrally Mounted Floor Lock
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