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LSH Spacesaver

Southworth LSH

Southworth LSH Spacesaver High Rise Lifts

Southworth's LSH Spacesaver High Rise lifts can be used as personnel work platforms, as cargo lifts between levels, as mezzanine lifts, for automated palletizing systems, and for positioning test apparatus or tools.

LSH lifts are available with vertical travel up to 12 ft. Capacities range from 2,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs. High rise with minimum floor space. Extremely stable.
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ModelTravelCapacityHeightPlatform SizeLift
LSH1-3636"1,500 lbs10"46"24" x 32"36" x 48"16 sec1 HP115/1/60600 lbsQuote
LSH1-4848"1,000 lbs9.5"57.5"24" x 40"36" x 54"21 sec1 HP115/1/60750 lbsQuote
LSH2-4848"2,000 lbs9.5"57.5"24" x 40"36" x 54"42 sec1 HP115/1/60800 lbsQuote
LSH4-4848"4,000 lbs12"60"30" x 42"48" x 60"16 sec3.2 HP460/3/601,250 lbsQuote
LSH6-4848"6,000 lbs14"62"32" x 42"48" x 60"35 sec3.2 HP460/3/601,300 lbsQuote
LSH1-6060"1,000 lbs10.5"70.5"24" x 48"36" x 60"27 sec1.5 HP115/1/60750 lbsQuote
LSH5-6060"5,000 lbs14"74"30" x 53"48" x 66"30 sec3.2 HP460/3/601,800 lbsQuote
LSH8-6060"8,000 lbs14"74"30" x 54"48" x 66"43 sec3.2 HP460/3/601,900 lbsQuote
LSH12-6060"12,000 lbs18"78"36" x 67"60" x 84"95 sec3.2 HP460/3/603,200 lbsQuote
LSH2-6464"2,500 lbs12.5"76.5"24" x 53"42" x 66"16 sec3.2 HP460/3/601,100 lbsQuote
LSH1-7272"1,500 lbs12.5"84.5"20" x 53"36" x 66"58 sec1.5 HP115/1/60900 lbsQuote
LSH2-7272"2,000 lbs12.5"84.5"20" x 53"36" x 66"75 sec1.5 HP115/1/60950 lbsQuote
LSH5-7272"5,000 lbs14"86"32" x 57"57" x 72"36 sec3.2 HP460/3/602,000 lbsQuote
LSH2-8484"2,000 lbs17"101"33" x 69"60" x 90"29 sec3.2 HP460/3/601,900 lbsQuote
LSH4-8484"4,000 lbs17"101"33" x 69"60" x 90"34 sec3.2 HP460/3/602,200 lbsQuote
LSH6-8484"6,000 lbs17"101"33" x 69"60" x 90"62 sec3.2 HP460/3/602,350 lbsQuote
LSH1-9696"1,000 lbs17.25"113.25"24" x 53"42" x 66"17 sec3.2 HP460/3/601,600 lbsQuote
LSH3-9696"3,000 lbs17"113"33" x 77"60" x 108"50 sec3.2 HP460/3/603,000 lbsQuote
LSH5-9696"5,000 lbs17"113"33" x 77"60" x 108"64 sec3.2 HP460/3/603,500 lbsQuote
LSH10-9696"10,000 lbs20"116"33" x 77"60" x 108"102 sec3.2 HP460/3/604,500 lbsQuote
LSH2-114114"2,000 lbs17"131"33" x 88"60" x 108"36 sec3.2 HP460/3/603,400 lbsQuote
LSH5-120120"5,000 lbs24"144"44" x 69"72" x 96"102 sec3.2 HP460/3/604,800 lbsQuote
LSH3-128128"3,000 lbs21"149"42" x 96"72" x 120"48 sec3.2 HP460/3/603,400 lbsQuote
LSH6-128128"6,000 lbs21"149"42" x 96"72" x 120"80 sec3.2 HP460/3/603,500 lbsQuote
LSH2-144144"2,000 lbs24"168"42" x 77"72" x 108"68 sec3.2 HP460/3/604,350 lbsQuote
LSH4-144144"4,000 lbs24"168"42" x 77"72" x 108"136 sec3.2 HP460/3/604,500 lbsQuote
LSH5-144144"5,000 lbs21"165"42" x 108"72" x 144"125 sec3.2 HP460/3/604,000 lbsQuote
Backsaver Contoured Legs Contoured Legs
With extra width at the pivot point, Southworth's contoured legs combine great strength with lower collapsed height.
Backsaver Flow Control Adjustable Flow Control
Pressure compensated flow control valve with lock out. Preset and locked at 10 F.P.M. maximum lowering speed per ANSI Standard, MH29 where applicable.
Backsaver Torque Tubes Heavy-Duty Torque Tubes
Torque tubes minimize platform twisting and deflection for high degree of rigidity and stability.
Backsaver Bushings Lubricated-for-Life Bushings
All pivot points have hardened pins that operate in lubricated-for-life, virtually maintenance free bushings.
Backsaver Hoses Heavy-Duty Hoses
All Southworth lifts have heavy-duty hoses with burst strength 600% greater than the hydraulic operating pressure.
  • Oversize, Low-Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders
    Low operating pressure extends the life of hydraulic components. Chrome-plated piston rods are corrosion resistant, and cylinder walls are honed.
  • Tell-Tale Return Hydraulic Fluid Line
    Clear plastic return line from cylinder rod bearing to tank gives visual indication of need to repack cylinder and prevents fluid spillage in the event of a bypass.
  • Built In Safety Chock
    Prevents accidental lowering of table during maintenance.
  • Wear Indicating Rollers and Roll Retainers
    Rollers are captured in the base by means of retainers to prevent accidental separation or misalignment. All oversized width tabletops also include an upper set of retainers.

Please Note: Only common options are listed in the quote requests. If you would like additional options from the below list quoted, please include that information in the requirements section of the quote request.

Hydraulic / Actuation Options:
  • Larger Power Units - Higher horsepower motors and hydraulics used to increase travel speed.
  • External Power Unit - Power unit is connected to lift only by hydraulic hoses.
  • Cross Check Valving - Locks oil in cylinders to eliminate deflection caused by oil transfer. Used in certain side loading applications.
  • Power Units Full JIC Style Continuous Running Power Units - Continuous running power unit built to JIC specifications.
  • No Coast Valving - Fast acting hydraulic valving, which decreases upward coast, for use where more precise positioning is desired.
  • Minimum Downdrift Valving - Near positive shut-off valving for use where platform must maintain position for extended periods of time.
  • Continuous Running Power Units - Heavy-duty power units with special cooling features. Power unit runs continuously, and valves are actuated to activate lift. Used for extremely high jogs or cycles.
  • Double Acting Cylinders - For special applications where it is necessary to provide both power up and power down.
  • Hot and Cold Temperature Hydraulic Packaging - Special sealing and hydraulic fluids for use in hot or cold atmospheres.
  • Velocity Fuse(s)/Excess Flow Protectors - Hydraulic control prevents table free fall in the unlikely event of massive hydraulic failure.
Electronic Control Options:
  • Wall Mounted Push Button - Permanent wall mounted controls for use where a fixed operating station is desirable.
  • Automatic Leveling Package - Optical sensing control positions table and stops travel at any preset height.
  • Maintained Contact Controls - Up/down/emergency stop push button control which stops travel automatically at preset level. (Control button does not have to be held.)
  • Electrical Quick Disconnect - Quick disconnect plugs for use with portable or frequently relocated lifts.
  • Special NEMA Rated Electrical Packages - A variety of electrical packages designed to meet NEMA standards for outdoor, explosion proof, and other installation requirements.
  • Visual or Audible Signals - Lights or bells used to warn personnel when lift is in operation.
  • Travel Limit Switch(es) - Electrical switch stops travel, prevents overtravel, provides height positioning, and can activate associated equipment. Should be used with mechanical stop for fixed lowered height.
  • One-Touch Auto Leveling - Increase productivity in repositioning applications. Raise or lower lifts a specific increment at the touch of a button
Mechanical Options:
  • Sub Bases - Extra base unit increases low height of standard designs. Provides a positive stop at predetermined down level. Frequently used for integration with automated systems.
  • Lifting Eyes - Steel eye bolts allow table to be lifted with hoist. Frequently used in pit mounted applications for ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Lag Plates - Permanently attached plates or angles with bolt holes for lagging tables to floor.
  • Increased Roll Over Capacity - Structural strengthening of table support for use in pit installations where loaded trucks or transporters must traverse the platform in its lowered position.
Platform Options:
  • Access Plate - Removable or hinged plate in platform surface allows access to power unit and hydraulics when lift is in lowered position.
  • Anti-skid Platform Surfaces - Diamond tread platform surface or abrasive type paint provide better traction for powered vehicles and reduce danger of personnel slipping.
  • Vee Cradle Platform - Vee shaped platform provides centering and secure handling of cylindrical loads, such as rolls.
  • Fork Pockets - Structural fork pockets allow entire unit to be lifted and moved by fork truck.
  • Stainless Steel Platform - Corrosion and damage resistant surface for use with corrosive materials or where frequent wash down is required.
  • Wheel Chock - Counter-weighted wheel chock recessed in table top. Automatically engages as lift raises and prevents wheeled vehicle from rolling in set direction.
  • End-Shifting Platform - Manual or powered platform end-shift used to align loads with other handling systems or operating equipment.
  • Ball Transfer Top - Fixed or retractable ball conveyors for omnidirectional movement of load on platform.
  • Fixed and Removable - Handrails with Snap Chain For use in applications involving personnel lifting. Removable rails allow access from any side when lift is not in use.
  • Bevel Toeguard - 30° bevel on platform sides provides warning contact without abrupt shear point when lift table is installed in pit.
  • Gravity or Powered Conveyor Tops - Roller conveyor tops for integration with other handling equipment or systems.
  • Throw-Over Plates - Hinged plates used to provide a bridge between the platform surface and an adjacent fixed height surface.
  • Bellows AccordionSkirting - Single-ply stitched polyester skirting covers mechanism between platform and base. Also available as boots to cover cylinders only.
  • Toe Sensing Edge - Automatically reverses lift on contact with any obstruction.
Environmental Options:
  • Export Boxing - Meets special packaging and shipping requirements for export out of the United States.
  • Special Paint - Customer specified paint formulations and colors. Corrosion Protection similar to that of Hot Dip Galvanizing.
  • Cam Follower Rollers - Low friction leg rollers for increased efficiency and longer operating life.
  • High Duty Cycle and Greased Manifolds - Special bearing packages and regreasable pivot points for moderately high and high duty cycle applications.
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