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SizzrDok HLD


ECOA SizzrDok HLD Series Loading Docks

ECOA HLD Series highspeed loading docks are the most completely equipped loading docks and have the highest structural rating in the industry. Load capacities are 5,000 to 12,000 lbs., travel distances to 60 in. with platform sizes of 48 x 96 to 96 x 144 in. HLD series loading docks are also available with travel distances of 72 in. and 96 in.

The HLD Series is designed with an engineered safety factor of 3 to 1 and conforms to or exceeds ANSI MH29.1-1994, The National Electric Code andOSHA requirements.
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US Map Flordia
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Axle Load MaxUp Speed
Std. HP
HLD-050-507-4848"5,000 lbs8"56"60" x 84"51" x 76"3,500 lbs3,000 lbs125 HP22,750 lbsQuote
HLD-050-606-4848"5,000 lbs8"56"72" x 72"63" x 64"3,500 lbs3,000 lbs125 HP22,750 lbsQuote
HLD-050-40860"5,000 lbs8"68"48" x 96"39" x 88"3,500 lbs3,000 lbs255 HP22,600 lbsQuote
HLD-050-50860"5,000 lbs8"68"60" x 96"39" x 88"3,500 lbs3,000 lbs255 HP22,750 lbsQuote
HLD-050-60860"5,000 lbs8"68"72" x 96"63" x 88"3,500 lbs3,000 lbs255 HP22,900 lbsQuote
HLD-050-70860"5,000 lbs8"68"84" x 96"63" x 88"3,500 lbs2,750 lbs255 HP23,100 lbsQuote
HLD-050-80860"5,000 lbs8"68"96" x 96"63" x 88"3,500 lbs2,500 lbs255 HP23,300 lbsQuote
HLD-050-60960"5,000 lbs8"68"72" x 108"63" x 88"3,250 lbs3,000 lbs255 HP23,100 lbsQuote
HLD-050-70960"5,000 lbs8"68"84" x 108"63" x 88"3,250 lbs2,750 lbs255 HP23,250 lbsQuote
HLD-050-80960"5,000 lbs8"68"96" x 108"63" x 88"3,250 lbs2,500 lbs255 HP23,450 lbsQuote
HLD-050-61060"5,000 lbs10"70"72" x 120"63" x 88"3,000 lbs3,000 lbs255 HP23,200 lbsQuote
HLD-050-71060"5,000 lbs10"70"84" x 120"63" x 88"3,000 lbs2,750 lbs255 HP23,375 lbsQuote
HLD-050-81060"5,000 lbs10"70"96" x 120"63" x 88"3,000 lbs2,500 lbs255 HP23,500 lbsQuote
HLD-060-60860"6,000 lbs10"70"72" x 96"63" x 88"4,200 lbs3,200 lbs205 HP23,050 lbsQuote
HLD-060-70860"6,000 lbs10"70"84" x 96"63" x 88"4,200 lbs3,100 lbs205 HP23,150 lbsQuote
HLD-060-80860"6,000 lbs10"70"96" x 96"63" x 88"4,200 lbs3,000 lbs205 HP23,475 lbsQuote
HLD-060-60960"6,000 lbs10"70"72" x 108"63" x 88"3,900 lbs3,200 lbs205 HP23,125 lbsQuote
HLD-060-70960"6,000 lbs10"70"84" x 108"63" x 88"3,900 lbs3,100 lbs205 HP23,250 lbsQuote
HLD-060-80960"6,000 lbs10"70"96" x 108"63" x 88"3,900 lbs3,000 lbs205 HP23,575 lbsQuote
HLD-060-61060"6,000 lbs12"72"72" x 120"63" x 88"3,600 lbs3,200 lbs205 HP23,300 lbsQuote
HLD-060-71060"6,000 lbs12"72"84" x 120"63" x 88"3,600 lbs3,100 lbs205 HP23,375 lbsQuote
HLD-060-81060"6,000 lbs12"72"96" x 120"63" x 88"3,600 lbs3,000 lbs205 HP23,650 lbsQuote
HLD-080-60860"8,000 lbs12"72"72" x 96"63" x 88"6,500 lbs5,200 lbs155 HP34,200 lbsQuote
HLD-080-70860"8,000 lbs12"72"84" x 96"63" x 88"6,500 lbs5,000 lbs155 HP34,400 lbsQuote
HLD-080-80860"8,000 lbs12"72"96" x 96"63" x 88"6,500 lbs5,000 lbs155 HP34,600 lbsQuote
HLD-080-60960"8,000 lbs12"72"72" x 108"63" x 88"6,500 lbs5,200 lbs155 HP34,350 lbsQuote
HLD-080-70960"8,000 lbs12"72"84" x 108"63" x 88"6,500 lbs5,000 lbs155 HP34,600 lbsQuote
HLD-080-80960"8,000 lbs12"72"96" x 108"63" x 88"6,500 lbs5,200 lbs155 HP34,800 lbsQuote
HLD-080-61060"8,000 lbs12"72"72" x 120"63" x 88"6,500 lbs5,000 lbs155 HP34,500 lbsQuote
HLD-080-71060"8,000 lbs12"72"84" x 120"63" x 88"6,500 lbs5,000 lbs155 HP34,750 lbsQuote
HLD-080-81060"8,000 lbs12"72"96" x 120"63" x 88"6,500 lbs5,000 lbs155 HP35,000 lbsQuote
HLD-100-60860"10,000 lbs14"74"72" x 96"63" x 88"8,000 lbs7,000 lbs125 HP24,900 lbsQuote
HLD-100-70860"10,000 lbs14"74"84" x 96"63" x 88"8,000 lbs6,750 lbs125 HP25,050 lbsQuote
HLD-100-80860"10,000 lbs14"74"96" x 96"88" x 88"8,000 lbs6,500 lbs125 HP25,200 lbsQuote
HLD-100-61060"10,000 lbs14"74"72" x 120"63" x 112"7,500 lbs7,000 lbs125 HP25,100 lbsQuote
HLD-100-71060"10,000 lbs14"74"84" x 120"63" x 112"7,500 lbs6,750 lbs125 HP25,250 lbsQuote
HLD-100-81060"10,000 lbs14"74"96" x 120"88" x 112"7,500 lbs6,500 lbs125 HP25,400 lbsQuote
HLD-100-61160"10,000 lbs14"74"72" x 132"63" x 112"7,500 lbs6,500 lbs125 HP25,300 lbsQuote
HLD-100-71160"10,000 lbs14"74"84" x 132"63" x 112"7,500 lbs6,240 lbs125 HP25,450 lbsQuote
HLD-100-81160"10,000 lbs14"74"96" x 132"88" x 112"7,500 lbs6,000 lbs125 HP25,600 lbsQuote
HLD-100-61260"10,000 lbs14"74"72" x 144"63" x 112"7,500 lbs6,000 lbs125 HP25,500 lbsQuote
HLD-100-71260"10,000 lbs14"74"84" x 144"63" x 112"7,500 lbs5,750 lbs125 HP25,650 lbsQuote
HLD-100-81260"10,000 lbs14"74"96" x 144"88" x 112"7,500 lbs5,500 lbs125 HP25,800 lbsQuote
HLD-120-60860"12,000 lbs16"76"72" x 96"63" x 88"9,600 lbs8,400 lbs125 HP25,400 lbsQuote
HLD-120-70860"12,000 lbs16"76"84" x 96"63" x 88"9,600 lbs8,400 lbs125 HP25,550 lbsQuote
HLD-120-80860"12,000 lbs16"76"96" x 96"88" x 88"9,600 lbs8,400 lbs125 HP25,700 lbsQuote
HLD-120-61060"12,000 lbs16"76"72" x 120"63" x 112"9,600 lbs8,400 lbs125 HP25,600 lbsQuote
HLD-120-71060"12,000 lbs16"76"84" x 120"63" x 112"9,600 lbs8,400 lbs125 HP25,750 lbsQuote
HLD-120-81060"12,000 lbs16"76"96" x 120"88" x 112"9,600 lbs8,400 lbs125 HP25,900 lbsQuote
HLD-120-61160"12,000 lbs16"76"72" x 132"63" x 112"9,600 lbs8,400 lbs125 HP25,800 lbsQuote
HLD-120-71160"12,000 lbs16"76"84" x 132"63" x 112"9,600 lbs8,400 lbs125 HP25,950 lbsQuote
HLD-120-81160"12,000 lbs16"76"96" x 132"88" x 112"9,600 lbs8,400 lbs125 HP26,100 lbsQuote
HLD-120-61260"12,000 lbs16"76"74" x 144"63" x 112"9,600 lbs8,400 lbs125 HP26,000 lbsQuote
HLD-120-71260"12,000 lbs16"76"84" x 144"63" x 112"9,600 lbs8,400 lbs125 HP26,150 lbsQuote
HLD-120-81260"12,000 lbs16"76"96" x 144"88" x 112"9,600 lbs8,400 lbs125 HP26,300 lbsQuote

In 48" travel, other platform sizes are available. Listed ship weights are for standard platforms only. When voltage is 230V/1PH/60Hz lift speeds will be reduced by 33%. Note: Where available power supply is 208V/3PH booster transformers are required for 240V/3PH at motor, see options. Roller shades, accordion skirting and electrical tape switches will require a minimum lowered height of 10". Power requirements depend upon frequency and type of operation and require specific selection. 8'0" wide units require shipment via flatbed.

  • Sealed ram-type, full oil displacement hydraulic cylinders with hard chrome plated and polished stress-proof steel rams and polyurethane seals. Positive internal stops
  • Safety velocity fuse at base of each cylinder to prevent descent in the event of loss of hydraulic pressure
  • NEMA 4, 13 (water tight, oil tight and dust tight) adjustable upper travel limit switch automatically shuts off the motor and pump at the raised-height setting
  • Four secondary mechanical upper travel back-up stops, 2 mounted on platform understructure and 2 mounted on base, restrict the scissor arms from moving beyond the preset travel
  • Axles and shafts are stressproof shafting, hard chrome plated and polished, retained with a positive-locking screw ring system and equipped with lifetime lubricated bearings
  • All axle and roller bearings are PTFE lined, composite type and have the qualities of good wear resistance and heat conductivity, high strength, low thermal resistance and low friction
  • Hydraulic hose, SAE 100 R2AT, double wire braid from cylinders to universal connection on base frame. Hose from lift to power unit is not included
  • Aluminum valve block manifold contains check valve, relief valve, pressure-compensated flow control valve and solenoid valve. The solenoid valve includes a filter screen
  • NEMA-12 prewired control box (dust/drip-tight industrial type) with liquid-tight electrical connectors. Control box contains magnetic starter, control transformer, thermal overload and fuses, mounted on the oil reservoir
  • High-pressure gear pump
  • Safety tread steel plate platform with 8 in. beveled toeguards and black and yellow safety stripes
  • Steel safety tread bridge plate, 18 x 72 in., with 2 safety chains
  • Two removable steel handrails 42 in. high with midrail
  • Four safety chains with snap hooks
  • Rectangular, structural tube scissor legs and torque tubes
  • Positive stops on all four corners for maximum roll-over capacity in lowered position
  • Hinged safety restraint maintenance bars
  • Surfaces degreased, oxide primed and finished with two coats of enamel
  • External power unit is prewired, factory tested and assembled
  • 5HP, 230/460V, 3PH, 60Hz continuous duty TEFC motor
  • 11 gal. reservoir, oil not included
  • Pressure line 25-micron cartridge filter
  • Liquid tight strain relief type electrical cord connectors
  • NEMA-4X constant-pressure (water-tight, dust-tight and corrosion-resistant) "UP-DOWN" pushbutton control with 20 ft. coiled cord and hanger bracket
  • 24V operating control voltage
  • All controller components are UL and/or CSA approved
HLD Transfer Arrangements

Please Note: Only common options are listed in the quote requests. If you would like additional options from the below list quoted, please include that information in the requirements section of the quote request.

Electrical Options:
  • Up-Down Push Button Station
  • Push Button mounted on platform with Disconnect Plug
  • Key Operated Up-Down Selector
  • Up-Down Push Button with Key Lockout
  • Foot Operated Control
  • Limit Switch
  • Booster Transformers (2 required for 3PH Power Supply)
  • Two Second Up-down Warning Bell with Volume Control
  • Electric Toeguards, Tapeswitch
  • Control Coil Cord
  • Oil Reservoir Immersion Heater with Thermostat Control
Hydraulic Options:
  • Manual Down Valve
  • Adjustable Flow Control Down Valve
  • Weather Resistance Power Unit Cover
  • Larger Power Unit for faster lift speeds
  • Hoses with End Fittings
  • Quick Disconnect Couplings
Mechanical Options:
  • Steel Safety Treadplate Bridge Plate with Hinge Assembly
  • Alumnimum Treadplate Throwover Bridge with Hinge Assembly
  • Fully Automatic Mechanical Wheel Chock
  • Approach Ramps (Steel Treadplate)
  • Handrails
  • Toeboards
  • Roll-Up Safety Skirting
  • Accordion Bellows Skirts
Postal Options, USPS Specifications:
  • Flashing red light
  • Warning bell with volume control
  • Manual down valve
  • Upper travel limit siwtch
  • 36" x 66" aluminum bridge plate
  • Wall mounting brackers for power unit
  • In-line filters
  • 12 f.p.m min. up speed
  • Special post office safety yellow paint
  • Meets USPS master spec V5.04.1 section 11163
Power Unit Assembly:
  • 5HP 230V/1PH/60Hz Power Unit Assembly
  • Wall Mounting Brackets
  • Explosion Proof Power Unit
  • Flashing red light
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